It’s almost summer.  All kinds of fruit are coming back into season.  Finally.  Don’t get me wrong, I love citrus (a lot) and apples and pears, but after 5-6 months of only that and caramel, chocolate and nuts, a girl wants some color back in her world.


Rhubarb has color in spades.  I confess it’s not ever been my favorite, but tasting it again this year, I have a new appreciation for it. Usually I put it with berries for just an element of tartness, but last year I decided to let the rhubarb be the star.

I made rhubarb jam.  Not rhubarb-strawberry. Not rhubarb-kumquat.  Just rhubarb, well almost just rhubarb. I will confess I added a hint of ginger, but not enough to take over.  I think it made it taste more rhubarby.

I like it.  I like it a lot in fact.  It’s a pretty, delicate, pale pink color. Hard to believe the vibrant red it was when I put in the pot.  We’re serving it on crêpes an once in a while in a toaster tart.