We will be closing our shop on 12/30/22. THANK YOU SO MUCH for 19 years of support for Les Madeleines. Please stay tuned for upcoming projects.

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216 East 500 South
Salt Lake City, Utah

We are closing on 12/30/22. Thank you for 19 years of support. We’ll keep you updated for future projects.

Come on in…

So now I’ve done it. I’ve started another blog.  This one will actually have more than the annual update.

It’s a place to tell you about what we’re working on, what it’s like to be in a bakery, and just to share information in more than 140 characters about who we are.

Les Madeleines has been part of the Salt Lake community since late 2003.  In that time we’ve made anything from cupcakes to croissant to our signature kouing aman.  Wouldn’t you like to know more about the process? The players? I’m hoping so.  You might even find a recipe here once in  a while.