We closed our cafe/bakery shop on 12/30/22. THANK YOU SO MUCH for 19 years of support for Les Madeleines. Please visit our new project, Chez Nibs.

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Jury Duty for My 40th Birthday

For the first time, I received a jury service summons on May 9, 2017–which happened to be my 40th birthday. I figured I’d be there a few hours and get back to work before noon. After rounds and rounds of questions, the pool became smaller and smaller. Next thing I know, I’m being sworn in, shuffled back to a room where we were given notepads, told not to watch TV or search the internet, then led into the jury box for what would be a three-day, multiple felony trial. The saving grace was a lunch break where I walked to Les Madeleines from the downtown SLC Justice Court. I saw Romina’s cheerful face and treated myself to two birthday desserts in preparation for stories about kidnapping and armed robbery!