We closed our cafe/bakery shop on 12/30/22. THANK YOU SO MUCH for 19 years of support for Les Madeleines. Please visit our new project, Chez Nibs.

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Share your stories and experiences at Les Madeleines

So many of you have been sharing sweet stories of how you’ve been connected to Les Madeleines — your first visit, your 100th visit, friends you’ve made, treats you’ve savored, treats you’ve shared with friends and family. 

We’ve grown 19 years older together, and it’s been heartwarming to hear these stories in person and to read them on social media.

We are collecting some of them here. If you’re inclined, please share via this form.

Thank you for your support and friendship for the past 19 years. 

xo, Ro

PS Stay tuned for the next chapter.


Treats for everyone, even my puppies

We first found Les Madeleines a little more than a year into our marriage at its original location shortly after it opened, back when the cases only had a few offerings to choose from. Greg and I picked some treats, chatted with Romina, and vowed to ourselves to go back as often as possible.

Over the years we would pop in and find new treats to try (the kouing amann, raspberry charlottes, and Meyer lemon tarts quickly became must haves) and some favorites no longer available (the Jaipur cupcake is still one I think of regularly). We shared treats with friends,  family, and coworkers. One of my favorite things to buy was the dog biscuits for our puppies before two of them passed. Buddha, our Frenchie, would gobble them up in a mad dash. Loki, our shih tzu, would take his, run into the living room and perform what we lovingly called a treat dance where he would toss the treat in the air then jump around it, rub his back along it, and paw at it before finally settling in to eat it. And Percy, our chihuahua, would make you break it into smaller pieces so it was easier to eat. Each one loved those treats and it felt especially special to watch them love something from a place we’d loved for so long.

Les Madeleines has been a part of our love story for nearly as long as our love story has existed. It’s played part in holiday celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, and just those days when you want to show someone you’ve been thinking about them. And while I am sad to watch the shop close, I love looking back on all those times Romina and her delicious pastries brought joy and comfort into my life.

Wishing all the very best for you and I’m eagerly waiting to see what you have planned for the future!


Erin Hilton

Magic and Uplifted through pastries

Three years ago my neighbor told me about the “perfect treat”… kouign-amann.  But didn’t know where she got it.  As a self-described “experimental baker”,  and a variety of salty attempts, my internet searches brought me to Les Madeleines.  It was the perfect treat.

Since that day, I’d come and try other pastries… all perfect.  Recently I quickly jumped in my car, in a hurry, and found that my order was wrong.  But I ate it anyway and it was still amazing.

One year ago, I sat outside LDS hospital, unable to visit my mother when she had COVID, eating kouign-amann. Don’t worry, I shared later after she spent weeks in the hospital.

Every time a drove an hour to Les Madeleines thinking about the hundred or so bakeries I was passing that were closer to my home, I knew what I found get at the end was always worth it.

I have loved finding excuses to visit, and knowing that I was recommending a place to friends and acquaintances that was amazing.  Best wishes in your next adventure!

Cam McKinney

Jury Duty for My 40th Birthday

For the first time, I received a jury service summons on May 9, 2017–which happened to be my 40th birthday. I figured I’d be there a few hours and get back to work before noon. After rounds and rounds of questions, the pool became smaller and smaller. Next thing I know, I’m being sworn in, shuffled back to a room where we were given notepads, told not to watch TV or search the internet, then led into the jury box for what would be a three-day, multiple felony trial. The saving grace was a lunch break where I walked to Les Madeleines from the downtown SLC Justice Court. I saw Romina’s cheerful face and treated myself to two birthday desserts in preparation for stories about kidnapping and armed robbery!

Meredith Vehar

My first macaron

Not sure how this happened, but I had never tasted a macaron before attending a macaron demonstration by Romina at Les Madeleines over 10 years ago! That was the start of a treasured friendship…and many more macarons, kouign amanns, croissants, coquelicot cookies (my favorite to pronounce!), croissants, pains au chocolat, those yummy bonbons…the list goes on. I’ve seen the care that you give to Les Madeleines, Romina, and the quality shows and tastes amazing as a result. Salt Lake City is lucky to have you here.

Wishing you a well-deserved break and much success for your next endeavors.

Jenn Blum

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